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Cool Leather Stuff - A Selection of Unique Handmade Leather Goods

Pictures of all our Unique Handmade Leather Goods in one place.

Compare & find the right one for your next project or business.

These are all easy to Customize & Personalize.

Perfect for Laser Printing, Stamping, Dyeing, Burning, Tooling, Engraving, & Embossing. 
  • Leather Barrette Blanks
  • Leather Earring Blanks
  • Leather Belt Blanks
  • Leather Saddle Cross Blanks
  • Leather Conchos/Rosette Blanks
  • Leather 2 in. Round Blanks
  • Leather Bookmark Blanks
  • Leather Mouse Pad
  • Leather Christmas Tree Ornament Blanks

Click on each Picture for a Better Look
  • On the Bottom of the Page will be a Link that will take you to the Product Page.

Please contact us with any questions.
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We would love to hear from you!!
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