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Leather Key Fob Blanks

We have Several Exclusive Key Fob Blanks & a Wide Selection of Cow Tag Key Fob Blanks.
Most are Ohio Leather Company Exclusives - you will only find them here!!
All of our Key Fob Blanks are easy to Customize & Personalize.

Perfect for Laser Printing, Stamping, Dyeing, Burning, Tooling, Engraving, & Embossing.
Eyelets or Snaps are Installed
  • Includes Keyrings - Keyrings ARE NOT Installed
Don't want all of the same color Key Fobs? Try a MultiPack!

Please contact us with any questions.
Have questions about a Custom Order??
We would love to hear from you!!
All of our Key Fobs in one place. Compare & find the right one for you.
Leather Key Fob Keychain Sizes & Leather Key Fob Keychain Sizes - Ohio Leather Company
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Exclusive Key Fob Blank

Use our Key Fob Blanks with these Accessories & More
All the things you can do with the Leather Key Fob Blanks from Ohio Leather Company
Choose from 8 Beautiful Colors
Color Chart Selection for Ohio Leather Company
Choose Nickel, Brass 
or Antique Brass
Keyrings & Eyelets
Accessory Selection - Keyrings & Eyelets - 3 Finishes Available - Nickel - Brass - Antique Brass - Ohio Leather Company

Cow Tag Key Fob Blanks

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