6 Color - MultiPack - Adjustable Button Stud Leather Bracelet Blank

6 Color MultiPack

Adjustable Button Stud Leather Bracelet Blank 


Colors Included in this MultiPack 

  • Vegetable Tan
  • Natural Brown
  • Chestnut
  • Medium Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Black


MultiPack Choices :


  12 ct.                          18 ct.  

2-Vegetable Tan      3-Vegetable Tan  

2-Natural Brown      3-Natural Brown

2-Chestnut               3-Chestnut

2-Medium Brown     3-Medium Brown

2-Dark Brown           3-Dark Brown

2-Black                     3-Black              


  24 ct.                          30 ct.  

4-Vegetable Tan      5-Vegetable Tan  

4-Natural Brown      5-Natural Brown

4-Chestnut               5-Chestnut

4-Medium Brown     5-Medium Brown

4-Dark Brown           5-Dark Brown

4-Black                     5-Black              


  36 ct.                           48 ct.  

6-Vegetable Tan      8-Vegetable Tan  

6-Natural Brown      8-Natural Brown

6-Chestnut               8-Chestnut

6-Medium Brown     8-Medium Brown

6-Dark Brown           8-Dark Brown

6-Black                     8-Black              


Choose from 3 Different Sizes

  • 1/2 in. x 9 in.
  • 7/8 in. x 9 in.
  • 1-1/4 in. x 9 in.


All 3 Bracelets Adjust to 2 Sizes

Stud to 1st  Slot - 7-1/4 in.

Stud to 2nd Slot - 8-1/8 in.

Please See Picture Above


Highest Quality Genuine Leather

Weight-Thickness : 5-6 oz


Includes - Nickel or Brass Screw Stud

  • Both Stud Finishes included in price

Assembly Required

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver to install Button Screw Stud

            1/2 in.     7/8 in.    1-1/4 in. 

12 pk   $20.75     $24.35     $29.15

18 pk   $27.55     $32.95     $40.15

24 pk   $36.75    $43.95     $53.55

30 pk   $45.90    $54.90    $66.90

36 pk   $55.00    $65.90    $80.30

48 pk   $73.45    $87.85    $107.00

Use the Drop Down Menus to :

-- Choose a Bracelet Size

-- Choose a Stud Finish

-- Choose a MultiPack Quantity


-- The price will be displayed after you have made all 3 selections.

-- You can change any selection to view different pricing options. 


Our Bracelet Blanks are easy to Customize & Personalize

-- Choose from 8 Beautiful Colors.

-- Perfect for Laser Printing, Stamping, Dyeing, Burning, Tooling, Engraving, & Embossing.

-- Design them to be One of a Kind Exclusives for your Business.

-- A Leather Bracelet makes a great Gift, Keepsake or Memento for that Special Occasion.

-- Each Bracelet Blank is handmade - there may be slight variations from piece to piece - making each one custom & unique.


Need an even better variety of colors?

-- Let us know which colors & how many of each in the Special Requests.

6 Color - MultiPack - Adjustable Button Stud Leather Bracelet Blank



                  Ships from Ohio U.S.A.


    Ships within 4-7 business days


    USPS-1st class Mail

    • Total package weight 15 oz. or less


    USPS-Priority Mail- 2-3 Day

    • Total package weight 16 oz. or more


    Need your order right away?

    • USPS Next Day Express Mail is available for an added cost
    • Contact us for shipping fees

    We strive for consistency & do our best to give you the exact color you order--HOWEVER


    • There may be color variations from Hide to Hide.
    • We use several different tanneries & colors may vary. 
    • Vegetable Tan leather can vary from off white to tan, due to variations from Hide to Hide, exact color of Vegetable Tan leather may vary from pictures listed.